Sunday, 14 April 2013

Death of the Darkroom

  You may have noticed I have been very quiet on here lately.  The sad fact is that I'm moving house in two weeks (well, hopefully-weve handed in the forms, were just waiting to see if we pass the checks).  Because of this I havent done much darkroom work lately and when we move the darkroom will be gone.  Well, for a while at least anyway.  The house is going to take a little work before im back up and running again.  So im afraid that means no articles or tutorials for a while, at least a few weeks.
  One thing I should mention is that yesterday I tried my first ever colour RA4 prints.  So many people online have been saying how much of a pain in the bum it is but in all honesty I found it to be a breeze.  Yes you cant use a safelight and tweaking the colour balance takes a while but its another fun skill to learn!  Ill no doubt be writing an article about it once im all moved it and probably a tutorial when i am more on top of the process.  Ive also dipped my toe in the sepia toning/split toning pool and im aure ill be blogging about that soon too.  In the meantime keep shooting and printing and have a look through some of my older articles if it strikes your fancy.
  Ill still be available to answer questions etc if you just post in the comments section on the relevant article.  I promise ill get back to you!

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