About Me...

  Hello!  My name is Dave and i'm 29.  I have been a photographer for just coming up to 3 years now and i love it!  My very first camera was a Lomography Diana F+ and i spent about a year with only this camera.  Gradually i branched out to a Lubitel 166B, a Holga 120 WPC and finally a Bronica SQ-A SLR kit which is now my main camera.  I also have a few Polaroid cameras - a 100 which takes SX-70 film and a Polaroid 645 which takes 600 film.  I also have 2 of the bellows-type Polaroid cameras - a 103 and a 101 which i have modded to take AAA batteries.

  My favourite thing is to be in the darkroom developing film and printing - i don't think anything can beat that feeling of seeing an image appear on a sheet of paper.  I love shooting 6x6 format and i love my Bronica SQ-A SLR kit.  To me shooting on film feels more personal than digital because at every step along the way i have to see the final image in my mind and think about what steps i need to take to get there whether that is in-camera, during development or during printing - or all three; i cant just go into aperture priority mode and shoot 10 frames per second then pick the best!  I like the time it takes to compose the shot, meter the light, develop the film and make the final print - this is time that i can look back on and remember each step i took to get where i am today.

  I'd love to try out some alternative processes like wet plate collodion but unfortunately i don't have the resources to get involved with this yet.

  I am also a music composer and producer working out of my home studio.  I play guitar, bass, keyboard, flute, violin, banjo, mandolin and ukelele and enjoy creating music of all genres.

  So that's a little bit about me, i hope it wasn't too boring and i hope it gives you a little background about me for when you're reading my articles.