Thursday, 30 June 2011

Fairy Steps

  About a year ago i went to Fairy Steps which is just north of Lancaster in Northern England.  It is a strange and ethereal place, especially if you go in the height of spring.  It is often referred to as the Bluebell Woods as, in season, bluebells blanket the forest floor.  Numerous large boulders and outcrops of limestone are dotted throughout the widely spaced trees and on a sunny day light seeps through the canopy, spreading slithers of warm sunshine through the air.  In one area steps have been hewn into the rock to form a narrow passageway.  It is said that if you can pass down the steps without touching the side walls then your wishes will be granted.  It almost seems like a location from The Lord of the Rings.  You're half expecting fairies to fly out from behind a tree and take you by surprise!

 I originially went to Fairy Steps with some friends on a rock climbing trip and was instantly taken with the peaceful and serene atmosphere of the place.  I soon returned with my girlfriend (now wife) for a photography trip.  We decided to go in costume and take a picnic to make a day of it.  It seemed to go well and i got one of my favourite photos out of it.  She didnt fare to well as we couldnt work ot how to load the film into her recently acquired Zenit E.  But that didn't stop us both from having a great day out and taking some lovely pics.

  If you're ever in the area i recommend it is well worth the detour to visit.  Maybe the fairy magic will rub off on your camera.