Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Slightly Delayed Wedding

  Now i'm no real fan of digital cameras but it does have its uses.  For example-weddings.  Weddings are a massive pain at the best of times, let alone when you add to pressure of photographing them.  Fortunately that's not really something i'm into.  My wife, however, is another matter.  She loves to shoot portraits so when she was asked to shoot a friends wedding she jumped at the chance.  I decided to play at being a second shooter using my trusty Bronica SQ-A and some Tri-X 400.

  The day went really well and everyone had a great time.  Jess got some great photos (and proceeded to spend the next 3 months editing them) and it was nice for me to try something a little different. 

  I developed the films in Rodinal and (as seems to be the norm for me these days) I lith printed a few onto some Orwo BN118.  Here's the three best that I made:

    Jess did a great job with her digital shots as can be seen here (and if you desire a well-priced and very talented photographer for your wedding just drop her an email).

  All in all it was a good day enjoyed by all, and its always nice to see a friend get married.
P.S.-Yes that is me in the band that you can see on Jess' blog...

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