Tuesday, 11 December 2012

How To: Save Money on Chemical Storage bottles

  If you're anything like me you'll have more chemicals in your darkroom than storage bottles.  I am always loth to buy photo-chem bottles as (although they are only a few pounds each) buying ten at a time soon adds up and to be honest i'd rather spend that money on film, paper and chemicals.  That being said i also don't like using empty water bottles because they feel too thin and flimsy.  I recently found a simple solution and that is home brewing shops.  Pretty obvious when you think about it - if you make your own beer at home you need something to put it in!  Anyway, i found these bottles in a store pretty close to where i live.  Theyre 1 ltr, plastic and chemical resistant - exactly what i need.  They also do amber glass bottles but only in 500ml unfortunately.  Still, can't complain at 60p a bottle!  They will post within the UK; if you're outside the UK i'm sure you'll be able to find somewhere near you where you can source home brewing supplies.

  Just thought i'd share a quick find with you anyway.

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