Friday, 23 November 2012

New Scanner/New Feature

  Just a quick one today; my sister is on her way up from London for a visit and conveniently she has picked up a scanner i found for sale on Gumtree for me (nice one sis)!  So hopefully by the end of the week ill be able to upload my latest prints and get some more posts going up on here.

  I also just wanted to direct you to a new feature on the blog - the "downloadable content" page.  Here i will put links to various film photography forms and spreadsheets that i use to keep myself organised and to help me remember things.  Hopefully you will find useful things on there - it will get updated regularly so keep checking in.

  Anyway, if you come back early next week there should be a lot more content uploaded onto here (hopefully) and i can get back on track with the blog!  Thanks for stopping by!

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