Friday, 13 April 2012

Return to Parklife

  TO THE PARK was the cry one lovely sunny evening a few weeks ago when my wife and i had finished all of the days chores with some time to spare.  Jess was in a rare film shooting mood and i wasn’t about to complain so we packed up our kit and headed to our favourite park – Worden.  It is a lovely large park and if you have read previous blog posts of mine you have probably seen shots from it.  

  The park is divided into several sections – football pitches, a wood, a miniature train area, a play area and the gardens area.  We only had an hour or so to play with before the light would be gone so we did some rapid-fire shooting, sometimes not even pausing to meter properly.  The flowers were just starting to bloom which made a lovely carpet for the trees to sprout out of.

  After developing the film i was very pleased with the results – the light is great on some of the shots.  Lets hope that when Jess finishes her roll her shots will have come out well too.