Thursday, 13 October 2011

Bronica SQ-A Test Roll

  I recently bought a Bronica SQ-A system and shot a few rolls of colour film.  However, since my chemicals always expire before i have enough film developed i have decided to store my exposed film until i have enough to develop over a period of a week or so, thus ensuring i dont waste precious chemicals.  This has meant, however that i havent yet seen any results from my new camera!  So a few nights ago i decided to shoot and develop a roll of TRI-X 400 to see the results.

  Now im not really a massive fan of TRI-X.  i have used it once before and the pictures came out very grey; i  prefer to use Ilford HP5+  as i like the tones and contrast more.  But this being a test roll i didnt want to waste any so in went my second roll of TRI-X.  I set up my camera on the tripod, plugged in the cable release and started firing away.  Heres the results:

  Im pretty chuffed with how they came out to be honest, considering i blasted them out rather quickly.  I still think im going to stick with the HP5+ though.

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