Saturday, 27 September 2014

Where is Dave?!

  I'm acutely aware that i haven't updated this blog in (let me check....) 2 months!   You may think this is due to laziness, busyness or other such issues but i'm afraid it's not.  I have in fact been building a website for my photography.  The good news is it is almost done so i can get back to printing and writing tutorials/blogging.  The new site does have a blog function so i am currently deliberating whether to maintain this blog or just start new on my new site.  I have already transferred some of the tutorials from here onto the new site in preparation for it's launch.  I will be moving a lot of the articles over to, especially the ones where i explain how i made certain prints because they seem to go down well with people.  I will, of course, keep you all informed as to whether i will be maintaining this blog or using my new one, but in the meantime please have patience whilst i get this site built and launched.

  Thanks all for coming back here every now and then to have a read, i really do appreciate it so much and it's nice to read comments from you all about my articles.  Until we speak again, happy printing!

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