Thursday, 24 October 2013

Activity (or lack thereof)

  I’m sorry!  I know it’s been aaaaaaaaaages since my last post, but to be honest I haven’t picked up my camera since it ditched into the seas a few week ago.  I’ve been extremely busy (I have no idea what I’ve been doing) and to be honest I’ve hit a bit of a creative slump.  The only thing I have been working on lately is a lith print from an old negative.  It’s super-flat contrast so I am trying to print it onto Slavich Unibrom – and regular reader’s will know all the trouble’s I have had with that paper!  Jess is away at a wedding on Saturday so I’m hoping to get a few hours in the darkroom to try and get at least one acceptable print.

  As regards my creative rut I guess I’m just tired of popping out and snapping a few pics of random stuff.  Although I do enjoy doing that I’m starting to feel more like I should be doing projects – giving a group of prints a theme and planning the shoots etc.  With that in mind I have started planning 3 projects.  How long it will take to complete I don’t know but I’m pretty excited about shooting them.  It’s giving me purpose in my photography and providing me with something to focus my mind on.  I just need to work on getting the materials together before I can start setting up the shoots, but I’m really excited about working on the final prints.

  That’s about all I’ve got to say at the minute – I just thought I had better explain why I have been silent for so long.  Hopefully I will make a decent print at the weekend and have a post about it early next week.  Until then!

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