Monday, 5 September 2011

Return To Huncoat

  Another trip back to Huncoat Power Station, this time with my good friend Paul in tow.  Paul had never been before so i said id take him round and show him the sights.  The man was keen.  He was clearly into it when we got there, kneeling in all the crud on the floor just to get the shot he was after.  I had a great day there to be honest, i saw so much i had missed on previous visits.  You should check Pauls shots out; he shoots digital but i suppose we can let him off this once.

  I have been having trouble lately with my black and white shooting/developing technique so i decided to try a new approach.  Using some Ilford HP5+ i decided to underexpose by 1 stop then overdevelop accordingly, thereby boosting contrast.  Using a red filter whilst shooting and a 1:25 mix of rodinal when developing meant id get even more contrast without losing details in shadows and highlights.  For the first time i also used a grey card with my light meter for exposure, and im never going back now, it really helped so much.  Im really happy with how the shots came out, exactly like i saw them in my mind.  Looking forward now to getting back out and shooting some more.

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