Monday, 1 August 2011

The Shores of Mars

  Last weekend my wife and i went up to Maryport in Cumbria to stay with some friends who have recently moved up there.  There were about ten of us camping over in a field behind their house and bouncy castle had been hired to kill the small hours of each morning.

  The weather was glorious on Friday and Saturday, and at night you could see so many stars it was breathtaking.  I quite fancied doing some star trail photos but couldnt sum up the energy to set the gear up.  I regret that now as my plan to do it Saturday night was thwarted by clouds.  After an evening of bouncing and restless sleep we all decided to head to the nearby beach to pass some time and take in some sun.  Now im not one for lying in the sun all day, i get bored and restless so i decided to head for the shore with my friend and his dog.  Fortunately before leaving the campsite i had thought to grab my Diana F+ and a roll of Velvia so i loaded up and started shooting at anything that caught my eye.  After an hour or so we were back at the campsite ready for barbeque and frisbee.

  Instead of sticking around on Sunday i headed straight home as i was feeling rough and just wanted to lie down.  I thought about how my film would turn out.  I knew it would have an extreme colour shift because this is Velvia were talking about! The resulting photos were... red.  And thats an understatement!  Ive had purple Velvia before but never such an intense amount of red.  I must confess that i quite like it.  Who knows what colour my next roll of Velvia will go?


  1. I like the red too, its a different tone from redscale, how interesting. I need to try this film

  2. Just a word of warning-it doesnt always go red. Ive had extreme purple before. Either way just embrace the mental!!