Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Instant Gratification

  There is something altogether awesome about taking a photo and having it shoot out the front of your camera almost immediately.

  I bought a polaroid 1000 Instant camera about 3 weeks ago forma  local antique warehouse for a mere £7 pounds.  It came complete with bag and Q-Light flash and i felt that the risk of it not working was worth the cost.  I got some film off ebay (impossible project PX70 Push!) and loaded it up.  WHIRRR!! It ground into life and i was ready to start taking my first shots.  

  I had spent the days up to delivery of my film scouring forums online about the best way to shoot this film.  From what i read i gathered it was quite temperamental and so i prepared myself for some bad shots.  I got snapping and although the colours weren't exactly what i hoped for, i still think i got some decent shots.

   Cant wait to get my hands on some more film now and refine my technique.  I hear you can use 600 film as well with a slight modification to the camera; maybe ill look into it.

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